After light dinner

Gotcha! You can see that this title can be interpreted in several meanings:
1. I’m writing this blog after i was having a light(not heavy) dinner
This is true! I was just eating Indomie Goreng..(My Gosh, Shan! it’s 2:11 a.m)
2. I’m having this dinner after LIGHT!
This is also true.. the fact is.. I’M STARVING during LIGHT(a charity music concert in     my campus)

But anyway.. LIGHT is good!!

I’m enjoying The Black Boogiemen (the voice of that girl.. f*cking gorgeous!!! love it so much) and Maliq n d’essentials of course..

Oh god that was COOL!!! and also COLD (I’m not wearing jacket, and my very-gentleman-friend, Dika, gave me his jacket. Thanks Bro!)

Someone told me that he was about to call me right now (after he’s done with MU vs. ARSENAL, which he won a lot), but there is no sign of call.. so I’m going to prepare myself to sleep..

Four hours to go.. I’m going to  an old-folk’s home at 7.30 this morning..

So, chau eperibodeh!


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