Happy Bday Akong..

Hmmph.. This morning ndak jadi ke old-folk’s house..
Erwin gave a morning call but I was so tepar.. 🙂 wake up at 11 then go to lunch

After lunch.. eperibodeh come to my house, doing TP, nempelin clustering.. wakaka..

Then at 6 p.m. I WENT TO SARI JAWA!!!! FINALLY… after a long long long time..
Delicio kepiting saus padang..
Hmmm.. still want it somehow..  and also kerapu kecap..
Yummy… (remember Shan, u’ve reached 50kgs, remember, u r going to wear a dress)

After the ‘delighting dinner’, I continued my journey to RUMAH AKONG @ Setrasari..
His house was big, cozy-wooden house 😉 like it..
It  was his 84th Bday!! Wow!!
and the most important thing that he’s the eldest in his brotherhood, his 2 brothers has passed away, he is now living with his son..
and in his age, he’s still okay in communicating with us (nyambung gitu lho ngobrol ma kita yang masih muda) although I have to speak very loud to say

“Selamat Ulang Tahun Kong!”

still wanna know what I’m doing after that? of coz u know the answer: Trooff!!


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