Such a controversial day, My Man!!

I woke up this morning and quickly ‘morning sms’ my fren to wake him up..

I didn’t late to have a ‘breakfast’ (read: QUIZ) this morning, and fortunately, I got a chance to study a moment in front of the class.. Three questions and I can do it well (hope so)..

Started from yesterday, after my friends and I were watching AMERICAN GANGSTER, all of my friends are shouting “My Man!” all da time.. Hahaha..

This morning when our lecturer explaining, Budi and Donny are talking behind me about “My Man!, blue magic, and whateva.. unimportant things..hahaha) and it was very annoying, not to me, but Mrs. Ceicalia Hahaha..

After lecture, my gank went to IP.. all u can eat Eastern! 25% OFF 🙂 hahaha.. then continued to game master.. playing all day..

Go home.. get some sleep.. watch TV.. and STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

U have to gain great marks, Shan!!!

Last but not least..

I wanna pray for my friends, esp. MK and LJ.. Hope they will solve their problems and be happy forever..



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