Still Hoka?!&%$#

This morning I went to VVD to attend the election of PVVD’s Chairman. The candidates are both my close friend: Soekendi and Ratana Surya, who was my Koordinators(pake ‘s’) at Makrab 2007.  It’s kinda difficult to choose because their ability are the same (tidak ada satupun yang mencolok, dua-duanya sudah sama-sama bagus, dan tidak penting bagi saya siapa yang menang, it’s only about my heart’s voice).

…. and the winner is Ratana Surya!!! 🙂 feel glad for you Sur! Recover soon..
Do da best coz I know u are a great man.. and also you have great teams around you.. and Suken, congrats! u are also a great man that I believe can do the back up.

Kriuk..Kriuk.. I’m getting hungry and Yustine ask us to eat Hoka Hoka Bento.. (after these few days incident!! Oh my.. branded food again.. my wallet, my money, my parents.. I beg for your forgiveness) Hehehe.. only eat Hoka Hemat though, irit neh ceritanya..

I’ve just arrived home.. straight turn on my comp and write this blog.. and now it’s time for me to study seriously!!

Acha Acha Fighting, Shan!!


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