Vegetables Salad

This is a story about some extravagant girls who was always having fun in these several days. Here’s their (read: our) schedule:

# Tuesday, March 4th

– Brunch at Eastern.. Eat-so-many-like-rob!! haha!
Game Master-wasting money activity: mode on..

# Thursday, March 6th

Pemotretan KMB @ Jonas Photo.. “narcis and wasting money, but love it”
– Go to Ciwalk: eat Raa-Chaa! wanna go karaoke-ing, but Nav was closed, so we move to PVJ, Lemonade also closed.. lanjut nonton di Blitz 10.000 BC at 00:45!! Good girl.. Arrived home at 03:00!

# Friday, March 7th

– Hmm..this is also a magnificent day.. dunno why, we went to Sushi Tei!! Oh my.. My- Fav-Salmon Sashimi was making me crazy.. so delicious.. hehehe.. the price was also made me nuts!
– Lanjutt again.. NAV.. Finally achieve my desire! Go home at 01:00, padahal ujian jam 8.. Bad girl!

# Saturday, March 8th

– Today, I promised myself to eat cheap foods, to go home early and study.. But what did I’ve (We’ve) done..We (Nova, Tina, Lijo, Cecep, and I) went to Vertex, bought some DVDs and then go to Pizza Hut (who’s idea?!! d*mn was mine) hahaha.. Oh my.. my money..



P.S. Tobat ah besok kebaktian pagi.. Semoga saya sehat karena telah makan mahal terus..


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