Resolution 2008, is it too late? I hope not..

Well, well, well..I have lots of thoughts in my mind, so many works to do, so many wants, but unfortunately dunno when will I make them done..# I want to finish all unfinished books in my shelf (there are lots! Buddhism, Novel, Psychology, Magazines, Ooh No) – I think I will be done in next term (I’m expecting it will come soon)# I want to raise my GPA into 3.5 this term, please wish me success! (I’m trying, fighting!!!)# I want to be single this year.. wakakaka.. (could I?)# I want to be a better daughter, a better sista’, better friends, and a better ME!# I want to get scholarship in UNPAR# I want to be the assistant of Planning Layout Lab.# I want to watch all da movie I love :)# I want to do my best for every responsibility that I have accepted (buat teman-teman pendidikan KMB, ayo semangat! tinggal dikit lagi kepengurusan kita; buat temen-temen baksos HMPSTI, saya tahu waktu berjalan sangat cepat seperti bom waktu, ayo berikan yang terbaik untuk melayani sesama kita!!!)Okay that’s enough, I hope I can reveal all of this stuff…!!!Ganbatte Kudasai!!


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