Movie Review: Vantage Point

This is definitely the best film I have ever seen.Hehehe.. The story is about a murder attempt to the President of the US.. Oh man, agent Barnes is such a perfect bodyguard who always protects the president and does his duty with dedication. Unfortunately, Taylor, who is very gorgeus (wakakaka), is the bad guy in this film. All the rewind-things is kinda disturbing and make me “arrrgghh..” but that was genius..we can see a problem from different views, interesting.. Genius, I think!No regret! Although I went there only with Tina (like a lesbian) using public transportations (three times, my man!!) but no regret!! The best part was… Lijo dkk. pick us up to go to CONGO after that.. Hohohoho. playing all day long.. (like we usually did-bad kids) CONGO is so it so much, the food, the place, the price! Hahahaha.. Today is the 3rd times I went to PVJ in this 4 day!! Can u imagine.. (Am I really an Industrial-Engineering-Student??–Try to figure out myself) N.B. Gw centil nian hari ni foto2 terus di CONGO..Hahahaha 


One thought on “Movie Review: Vantage Point

  1. I wouldn’t put this into my top 100 movies ever seen, but I do think the premise was interesting. You might want to do a quick spell check on your post before you publish it.

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