The Fact that I slept at 3:24 a.m.

Everytime I sleep at around 2, I’ll feel very dizzy and start to hallucinating strange things.. (a VERY close friend of mine must’ve known ’bout this)

The person I usually call was Ihau and Ake (which means that this has been happening to me in about 3 years), and the 3rd person in this world who knew this bad habit is Chau. I myself dunno what happen to me.. I just feel terrified and I need to talk to someone, or sometimes just need somebody to accompany me till I fall to sleep..

Last night, after a very long time, I contacted Chau again.. I messaged him and he called me immediately (he also very know ’bout this strange habit of mine..hehehe). From his voice I knew that he slept already..

We lost contact for a couple of months, so we had so many stories to share this morning.. He told me bout his problem, and he said that he’s going to Bandung soon.. 

He also told me that he was taken (he didn’t tell me!! what the hell) last year.. [Waks tega niannya dirimu..]Hehehe.. but he was mean to his X-GF.. kinda shock to hear that, but it’s ok lah.. hehehe..

I always sleep at dawn.. Look what I did to myself.. Take a rest, girl..


One thought on “The Fact that I slept at 3:24 a.m.

  1. There’s something that will never be changed. That’s the reason why i never turned my phone off, even when i was sleeping.hehe.. Just my guess, when it comes to the time that u feel terrified and halucinating, then, u must have something big come into ur mind. Something that bothering u a lot at the moment. Before u even try to sleep, if u have chance, just try to contact someone that can comfort u, so u wont feel insecure later. At least, thats what u did before. Ah, 1 more thing, bukannya ada orang yang dari dulu emang udah tau problem ini ya?..;p..

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