What a life!

Saturday, April 12

7.00 Lecture (absent)

9-15 Lecture

15-16 Relax

16.00 Go to VVD (meeting, do some decorations)

24.00 Go home


Sunday, April 13

9.00 Wake Up

10-14 Do assignment

14-16 Take a bath, lunch

16-21 Do assignment

21-24 Go plotting assignment

00.00 Eat dinner (WTH?!)

00-03 Do assignment


Monday, April 14

7.00 Wake up

8.00 Do assignment

9.00 Study for the test at 11.00

10.00 Eat brunch with Noodle

11-12 Lab Test

12-14 Do Assignment

14-16 Lecture (watch movies of Mother Theresa-and it means assignment!)

16-17 Lunch with Kwetiau (WTH?!) 

17-20 Relax

20-02 Do assignment

02.00-02.10 Eat dinner with Indomie!! [I didn’t eat rice at all]

02.10 Write this blog!!






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