So Long My Sorrow..

Planning Layout!!! Ouch.. my stomach aches when I think ’bout it..

Mata Kuliah yang saaaaannggaaaattttttttttttttttt menyenangkan….

3 minggu tidur selalu diatas jem 3.. bener2 bikin mata kek panda..

akhirnya.. perjuangan Bee Fly berhasil..!! Jia Yo, gals! 

I’m happy to be on da team!




2 thoughts on “So Long My Sorrow..

  1. wah…wah…ternyata ini toh maksudnya “sorrow”…hehe..i was wondering tho..Congrats then!!the picture looks good..never seen u in that kind of outfit…looked pretty mature..hehe..take care shan..

  2. hey u r urban planning student heh? i was an urban planning student as well..just graduated last year but i decided not to practice..had enough of planning..hahhaa..all the best to u shan!

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