accidentally in love

Whenever I’m with you..

I don’t care about the world..

Every single step I take,

it’s all about you..


Sounds like a cliche..

when I say that my world is fulled with you..

Feels like a miracle..

when I’m in love..


I’m not expecting someone..

But then you came..

My defenses are shattered by your love..

I felt accidentally in love..

Our love is so selfish..

as we don’t want anything bother us..


Once I believe, 

that love needs a reason

that love can be thought

but I was wrong

love doesn’t need a reason

love is about feeling

love is about you…






3 thoughts on “accidentally in love

  1. wkwkwk… my defence r shattered… gagal deh benteng slama ini… huakakakakaka… resolusi gmn bu? eh omedeto ne otomasi l B ^^

  2. can u describe the different “accidentally” and “not accidentally”

    if love by accidentally exist then love by fate exist ??
    if love by fate exist so life by fate exist
    if life by fate exist then free will doesn’t exist
    and choice doesn’t exist either….

    can u tell me where the logic inconsistent ????
    i now felt empty, but what the emptiness … i don’t now either ….

  3. Hmm.. In my opinion, accidentally means “u don’t want to be like that, but u didn’t realize that you’re already in love”

    Why do u feel empty? Feeling blue? ^^

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