Hari Campur dan Sekba Kuah

Barusan bis makan ke Cibadak sepulang dari nonton WALL.E

Makan di nasi campur 88.. as usual..

Mereka semua pesen nasi campur, but I pesen sekba kuah tanpa nasi..

Yeah lagi mencoba mengurangi karbohidrat di malam hari..

Now the time shows 11 p.m. so it should be called supper, not dinner!!

But it’s okay, I ate dinner at the same time with cuamiku at Tasik..

Poor him.. another tiring trip..

Get up at 6 a.m. to go to Jakarta,

then travelled around Jakarta to get a travel to Tasik,

but he went back and forth terminals.. with ‘that kind’ of weather..

i knew it’s really tiring..

He finally took a bus and gotta stand up for 3 hours..

Gosh! really worry bout him…

After 3 hours, he finally sat down..

After arrived home, he go straight to Anton’s house,

to make a visit of condolence..

he take Anton’s dad as his own family..

well, a tough day for a tough guy, be strong oney.. ^^


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