I scored 65 Sanguine, 80 Melancholy, 62 Choleric, and 30 Phlegmatic!

You are the life of the party. When you enter a room, everybody knows. You love telling jokes. You say to your friends “have I told you the joke about…” and they often say yes and roll their eyes. You feel the urge to fill silence in conversations. You make friends easily and have a childlike outlook on life that is exciting and inspiring and charming.

Tip: When you get interupted while talking, wait for somebody else to ask you to continue what you were saying. Becuase sometimes what you ate for dinner and your bowel movements that ensued are not as exciting to others as you may think.

Wow, you love to work! You love to accomplish something, anything, as long as you can look behind you at the end of the day and say, “Gee I did a great job today!” Like the Sanguine you are extrovert and you are a great talker in social situations. But unlike the Sanguine, being popular isn’t your main drive. The only thing better than arguing with somebody is somebody that wants your precious words of wisdom. Because lets face it, you know it all, and how it should be done. Right?

Tip: Every time you speak you need to ask yourself, does this sound bossy, self-righteous, and cold hearted. Using tact can be the most effective method of getting a message across.

You can be quite outgoing for an introvert. You like parties if you know everybody there, otherwise it’s a bit scarey. Unlike the sanguine you are senstive to others personal space, and others feelings in general. A movie can move you to tears and when you’re depressed you need the company of a best friend to be depressed with you. You have visions of neatness and everything in your house being tidy. You’re quite the perfectionist and want everything in its place. But you procrastinate if the circumstances aren’t ideal, and they never are. So nothing perfect ever gets done, and this depresses you.

Tip: Don’t get too offended when the extrovert personalities are blunt and rude or invade your personal space. They are doing to you, what they would be happy for you to do back to them. It’s who they are. Don’t hate.

You’re so mild mannered, who could possibly have a beef with you? You don’t get upset or excited. You can be lazy sometimes, but it’s not as bad as being a bossy over-sensitive show-pony right? The other personalities might say Phlegmatic isn’t a personality but a lack of one, but they don’t have the inner peace of a phlegmatic. You will do anything to end an argument, you might even find yourself mediating other peoples problems.

Tip: You don’t have a problem following a list and completing tasks, the problem is making the list. Get a peice of paper write down: take out the trash, wash the car, clean up the house. Now tell a choleric to hassle you if you havent done them by the end of the week. (it won’t be a bother to them, their eyes will light up like you’re giving them candy)



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