Rainbow Noodles and Fetuccini Mushroom

25 Feb 2012

Hari ini kegiatan pagi dimulai dengan membasahi mata 🙂

– Yes, He actually did that again this morning, and I’m so sick of it. I think today is my last day, crying for that unworthy man.

Anyway, I had to do that survey thing about Rainbow Noodles for marketing project, so there I went to Kemanggisan with my friends to find the vendor, and we ate there.. It was pretty nice, I guess, since I had my nose shut down – thanks for the flu 😦

Then off to kosan temen for masak2 coba2 icip2 till dark, then off to dinner – sambil diwawancara ttg kepribadian gw sendiri… swt.

As I arrived at my place, I went into my room and turned on my laptop, activating the internet… downloading emails…BBMs were coming over and over again, I couldn’t even touch my laptop since my thumbs were kinda numb coz of BBMin too many people at the same time. Haha!

Mandilah saya jam 9, then di BBM bahwa akan dijemput untuk nongkrong sama temen gila2an waktu S1, akhirnya ke Cheese Cake Factory near my campus, ordering Fetuccini Mushroom (kalah enak sama Izzi Pizza hihi), kinda awkward conversations with them, they want to leave too early, I couldn’t take it at one time, but I’m so proud of them.


26 Feb 2012

In my room.. alone..

chatting with 2 close friends.. kinda relaxing..

it was always good to talk to them, like I’ve known them for my entire life 🙂

So, thank you.. for being there for me, my friend. It means a lot, it really does.


Akhir kata, dengan diiringi lagu2 galau subuh ini: Have a good Saturday night 🙂 nice dreams!



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