the largest city and capital of Netherland!

First city I arrived in my first eurotrip is Amsterdam. Yup, I went there last month, then I realized that Indonesia is truly their colony 😀

Starts from Amsterdam Central Station, the railway and buildings are very similar with Jakarta’s Manggarai Station and Bogor Station actually. The difference is that the train has two levels and Europeans are much cleaner than us in Indonesia. oh plus free newspaper in ur seats! lol


To be honest, I kinda overrated Amsterdam. It wasn’t as good as I thought in mind. I found Amsterdam is quite boring after city tour, but I admit its unique buildings and nice canal.. There are also very unique houses, the one with only 1.7 meter wide and the one built on the water. Oh there are sex museum and the phenomenal RED DISTRICT with lots of sex shop!



*look at the house in the middle (between the green canopy and red brick house), yes, it’s a house!


Price is quite high for Indonesian, esp. if you want to find something Asian. I spent:
EUR 3 – Mineral Water (medium)
EUR 3 – Fries (without sauce)
EUR 0.5 – Toilet
EUR 8~12 – Fried Rice/300gr Yellow Rice with Shrimp (My heart hurts coz in Indonesia is so cheap)


What I love the most about Amsterdam is Madam Tussaud!!! Too bad there were no Brad and Angelina….

I started and ended my trip in Amsterdam. On my last day, I went shopping at the airport an found PISANG AMBON hahahaa… sirop ginian mah di Indo paling berapa sih….. it costs EUR 30, while here only IDR 30,000 hahahaha.. ironic. dan yg lebih lucu lg, tulisannya made in Amsterdam. Ridiculous! Jelas-jelas namanya aja pisang ambon. Nih gan penampakannya



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